Just Another Guitar Player From Texas


Ayemaydah Records 29121225-ACD Released 2010


Bass – Pete Miller, Curtis Randall, Ron Jones, Chuck Rainey

Drums – Dan Wojciechowski, Nathan Coates

Percussion – Mike Medina

Piano/Keyboards – Scott Moody, Andrew Frye, Julie Bonk, Brian Piper & Brad Neher

Steel Guitar & Fiddle – Milo Deering

Guitars & Vocals - Billy White, Jr.

B3 Organ – Tommy Young

Violins – Steve Story, Susan Younghans, Emily Davis & Barbara Allen

Violas – Sonja Ryberg & Vern Lewis

Cello – Stan Lewis & Tracy Davis

Trumpet – Keith Jourdan

Saxophones – Jeff Robbins & Mario Cruz

Trombone – John Wasson

Background Vocals - Joy McKay, Kristin Struble & Debra Rogers Welborn

Technical Stuff

Recorded over a ridiculous number of years at Whitehouse Recording.

Engineered by Billy White, Jr., assisted occasionally by Joey Lomas & Mike Gage.

Joy & Kristy recorded at Patriot Recording - Engineered by Aarom Meador

Debra recorded at The Vocal Zone - Engineered by T.W. Hale

B3 Organ recorded at Audio Dallas Recording Studio

Engineered by Paul Osborn and Matt Kennedy

String arrangements by Billy White, Jr.

Horn arrangement by John Wasson

Mixed by Billy Decker at Soundstage Studios

Mastered by Billy Stull at Masterpiece Mastering

Album cover by Amanda White


No tuning software was used in the production of this album

Produced by Billy White, Jr.

In my lo these many years on planet Earth I have played, sung, written, recorded and performed a LOT of different types of songs in a wide assortment of styles. So for this, my first official album release I decided to attempt a representation of that variety. Ergo, the somewhat eclectic mixture of miscellaneous musical mayhem that is this record.

I hope you enjoy it.



(Billy White, Jr.)

The Northbound Curve

(Billy White, Jr.)

Temporary Insanity

(Billy White, Jr.)

Coming Soon

(Billy White, Jr & Sonny Franks)

84 Days

(Billy White, Jr.)


(Billy White, Jr.)

Another Day in Love

(Billy White, Jr.)

Let’s Get Out of Here

(Billy White, Jr.)

You’re on Your Own

(Billy White, Jr.)

How Blue

(John Moffat)


(Martin Mull)

In the Light of Dreams

(Billy White, Jr.)

Spring (Parts 1 & 2)

(Billy White, Jr.)

It’s Never the Same

(Billy White, Jr.)